Tuesday, December 14

You're the star

You are not here just to fill space or to be a background character in someone else's movie.

- David Niven

Monday, December 13

Screening: The Big Trail

Last week's screening for Uni included the 1930's Raoul Walsh film 'The Big Trail' starring a very young John Wayne (only 23 for his first leading role). It's a fabulous example of early sound: thankfully the technology has improved and my TV speakers didn't blow up in the process due to the excessive volume I had it set for basic audibility.

It's also a great example of early widescreen. As it was a difficult film to track down in time I purchased the boxed set above which unfortunately includes the traditional 1.33:1 aspect ratio. On the plus, the set includes this week's screening 'Red River' and is nicely packaged in a white tin container.

Mythical Monkey posts an interesting essay on 'The Big Trail' and Wayne's involvement including his original name (go there to find out...) and Wikipedia have some great trivia in the 'Production' section (including the legend that the director had Tyrone Power Sr. beaten).

Although the movie was considered a flop, John was a fine young man in his day:

Photo from 'A Mythical Monkey writes about the movies'

Sunday, December 12

Winter threads

'Winter Beauty Pullover' by Sparrow from Anthropologie.
Adore the ruffled side seams and extra long sleeves, in brown:

and in grey; a straight horizontal ruffle would make this sit better in the back:

Winding Willow Sweater Jacket by Rosie Neira at Anthropologie
in moss:

or grey:

Best of the Bunch Cardigan at Anthropologie in dark orange

The top stitching on the waistline strap wraps around the front and compliments the collar:

What would you try?

Photo from ahdiyaty

Owl mug

From Topshop