Wednesday, November 9

Bringing back medieval folklore: Sleepy Hollow

This story...

And this film adaptation have been keeping me a tad busy lately:

The changing tonal qualities throughout the film and the medieval costume are beautiful. And although I didn't love the first viewing (it was late after a long week at work... I think I fell asleep twice and it was all a little bit 90's Goth) I had no issues with enjoying the second screening. Johnny Depp's re-invention of Ichabod Crane is hilarious. The sharp tongue, the insane steampunk props and his caricatures ranging from 'squealing little girl' to 'gallant hero' were divine.

And the film style, swinging between romantic fairy tale and gothic nightmare... every frame is a little piece of art.

I just hope it loved it enough to produce 2,500 words on Ichabod Crane in the coming weeks.