Sunday, January 30

Loft floor love

This speaks to my desire for a loft floor. Granted, it helps to have more than one storey in your home and in this case I am out of luck. However I am sure I can borrow some of these wonderful ideas: the wood fire heater, the 'Forever' bench seat, interesting cutouts in the bookshelf, contrasting exposed beams... fabulous.

This loft floor belongs to a home in Lidingö owned by Anna-Karin and Fredrik.
Image: sköna hem

Thursday, January 27

Fine film finds

In short, 'Images' is for people who don't just passively watch movies

What a find!

Our recommended reading this week (aka: Week 9) for 'Screen History & Research' includes the Images journal, specifically for the 'in focus'  piece about Westerns.

But how to stay focused with so many other interesting links on the page?