Thursday, July 14

In awe

I am in awe of every inch of this book: beginning with the front cover, the wax-paper flyleaf, through to every word, image and texture on the pages. I squealed like a child when it arrived on my desk yesterday and have been longing to set-up camp on the couch with no interruptions, and simply follow Pia's dreams of wandering the earth...

This is also on it's way. I hesitated with this one, yet I am intrigued by the concept of living as one, whilst living among many. Where some people fear their own company, or simply the feeling of oneness, I relish it. I love my own family, yet I crave my own space, essential to allow myself to think and feel and breathe at a different pace. When you can separate the feeling of oneness from a feeling of isolation, it becomes wonderful. I wonder if my opinions will change after I read this?